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Baranzoni Architetti S.r.l. is an Engineering Company which conceives and realizes complete architectural projects through the advantage of an experience grounded on decades of founding partners’ professional career.

The company type (Ltd) allows to account for any specific external professional partnership involved personally to the customer, therefore Baranzoni Architetti offers to provide every aspect of the building process under its own responsibility.

The Engineering company has an insurance coverage up to 2.750.000€

The business is born in the early fifties with the founder Giovanni, then enlarged with his sons Gianluigi and Gian Piero in the early eighties who, in order to better organize Studio’s professional work founded, in January 2007, Baranzoni Architetti S.r.l.

Our job is about architecture, facing design both on traditional aesthetic perspective related to the Architect figure,  and on following the whole building process through a constant connection between builders, specialists, and customer.

The studio comprises a staff of four master-degree graduated  internal coworkers and several more external. There is available large-format printing equipment. Within the studio English, French, German and Spanish are spoken by some of its partners or coworkers.

Baranzoni Architetti deals in general with design and supervision for the fulfillment of several works: service premises, housing premises, villas, manufacturing plants, industrial factories, health facilities, cementerial facilities. Drafting detailed plants and urban projects in urban field. As well as carrying out surveys, static acceptance tests, expert advices and arbitrations, coordination of work-site safety, industrial machinery installation.

The Company has the skill to provide to customers the most suitable solution to their needs and pays peculiar attention to costs estimation and budgeting, to the selection of contractors and support customer in evaluate and compare them.

For the benefit and guarantee of customer and of the community contractors we work with are required to provide DURC and White-list subscription. The first one is a statement issued to contractor that declares its regularity of tax payment; in the second one are listed contractors whose managers are not involved in any criminal conspiracy. Those two documents are required in professional procedure.

The studio works not only in Bologna and surroundings but also abroad where customers set their factories up, or because foreign customers have theirs installed in our country. In particular services were offered in UK, USA, and Germany even in collaboration with local experts.


Baranzoni Architetti Srl
Via L. Bizzarri 9
40012 - Calderara di Reno (BO)

e-mail: info@baranzoniarchitettisrl.it

pec: baranzarchsrl@arubapec.it

Linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/pub/gianluigi-baranzoni/69/806/24

Tel. +39 051 728734-8


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